Infographic: Adults in distance education

With approximately 3 million students enrolled in European Distance Higher Education, it looks as though this number is bound to grow, with over 61% of the 167 institutions we surveyed expect more adults in enroll in distance education to rise to some extent, and 15% to rise sharply.

The most important motivations prospective students state in choosing distance education is that it is easier to combine with a job (30%), allows students to study at their own pace (21%) and to study from home (19%).

The most important barriers prospective students seem to have in entering distance education is still the need for funding (54%), followed by time (18%) and recognition of prior qualifications (15%).

You can read through the full report, Distance education in European higher education Рthe potential and further explore student motivations to continue studying, as well as secondary motivations for enrolling into a distance programme.

Adults in distance education